Parents Information

Welcome to the Parent Information page. Here you will be able to find useful information about the school, including important forms and policies. We welcome parents and guardians into Ocean Crest School believing we are partners in the education of your child(ren). There are many opportunities for parents to become involved in the life of the school and to gain a greater understanding of its work. Parents support and expertise can be used in many ways and is greatly valued. Please talk to your child’s teacher if you can be of assistance

Children are expected to take books home to read or share with you every day. Pupils will also have spellings to learn. The children are expected to read, learn spellings and multiplication tables and may be asked to complete other appropriate tasks. Full details are outlined in the school Homework policy.

School Library

The school library is staffed by a librarian and is available to the pupils during the school day. Books may be taken out once a week and should be returned or renewed on a weekly basis. Damage or loss of books will result in the parents/guardian’s responsibility for the replacement of the book. Appropriate conduct is expected at all times in the library.

Communication with Parents

Our school communicates with parents and guardians in various ways, for example through our monthly newsletter, questionnaires, workshops and informal social events. Parents are invited to Award assemblies each year, Annual Open Day, Sports Day, Cultural Day and Christmas Events as well as children’s performances. Members of staff are always happy to meet with parents and guardians to share any concerns. The school has a Parental Undertaking to support the understanding and partnership between home and school, and foster shared dialogue.

Field Trips

The purpose of every field trip is to broaden the intellectual, cultural and social experience of each child, most times in relation to the term’s theme. Each student’s parents/guardians must provide written permission for each trip in order for the student to participate. The teacher will provide a field trip parent consent form which must be signed by the parents/guardians and the student. No substitution for this form will be accepted.

Illness and Absences

If your child falls ill at school, we will contact you. Children are not allowed to go home on their own, if they are unwell. If your child is absent from school as a result of any kind of illness, please contact the school office via the school phone numbers before 9.00 a.m. However, if your child has to attend a dental or medical appointment during the school day, kindly phone the school office in advance that your child will arrive late on that day.

School Uniform

What a child wears to school reflects his/her learning. It also portrays the school’s ethos and shared positive values. We have a smart but simple uniform that is compulsory for all pupils. The school uniform identifies the pupil as a member of the school community. Hence each pupil is expected to adhere to the uniform policy.