Playgroup 1

Playgroup 1 (1 year and below)Playgroup 2 (1 year – 2 years)
OCS Early Years is innovative and determined to offer a service that will give love, care, peace of mind to working parents who need child care and education. Our friendly family setting atmosphere and delighted environment make a lot of difference in the growing years of our babies and toddlers.

Our little babies will gain knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We have tailored their learning experience individual needs. We provide a warm and stimulating environment where babies can grow into inquisitive and expressive toddlers. At a very young age, there is emphasis on learning through play, the messier the better! Children’s physical skills are developed in their own adventure playground. They do regular walks around the school ground to investigate and study nature in their own little way. Parents are kept abreast of all they do in their Daily Diary.