Playgroup Curriculum

The purpose for assigning homework is to give pupils the opportunity to extend lessons, practice skills, engage in critical thinking and develop good work habits. Homework can also serve as one form of communication between the teacher and the family. It is important that homework does not add stress to family life. Therefore, it is up to the pupils, family, and teacher to share the responsibilities for homework.

Homework is an important part of each pupil’s academic year.  Pupils Responsibilities: To understand all homework assignments by listening to directions, asking questions when something is unclear, and reading directions To gather all materials necessary to complete assignments before leaving the classroom To complete all assignments to the best of his/her ability To return materials and assignments on time To make up any missed homework that the teacher requires

Family’s Responsibilities:

To provide a routine and environment that is conducive to doing homework (i.e. a quiet and consistent place and time, necessary materials, etc.) To offer assistance to the student, but not do the actual homework To check that your child has edited his/her homework for spelling (Kindergarten and First Graders may use invented spelling as appropriate), punctuation, neatness, etc. To notify the teacher when homework presents a problem To read school notices and respond in a timely manner.  Homework and school notices will travel home in the pupils home-work bag.  Regular backpack clean-ups can be useful in helping students to organize their materials.

Teacher’s Responsibilities:

To provide purposeful homework To provide clear directions and instructions To implement a system for routinely checking homework To communicate to the pupils and family what is expected for completing homework successfully To communicate with families when pupils are not consistently completing assignments      Homework includes reading every night as we help each child develop the habit of being a lifelong reader.  Written assignments over the course of a week may include a balance of assignments in other content areas such as writing, spelling, math, social studies, science, and long-term projects.        In Playgroup and Nursery, the homework is for families and children to spend time together with books.  Often, especially in the beginning of the year, this will mean parents and family members reading aloud to children.  As the year progresses and nursery children bring more books from school to home, pupils may be reading to and with family members. Worksheet assignments will also be added to their home work. Recommended Time Allotments for Homework

At Ocean Crest School we know that the amount of time it takes each student to complete homework assignments will vary. The following chart indicates what we believe is approximately the appropriate amount of time for children in each grade to spend on homework.  If your child diligently does his/her homework for the maximum allotted time and does not complete it, you may write a note to the teacher explaining the situation.  If this is an on-going problem, please make arrangements to talk to the teacher.  If your child thoroughly and neatly completes the homework very quickly and you believe that your child needs additional homework, extra reading or writing in a Notebook, or additional practice with Mathematics skills is recommended.  Practice and Workbook on all subjects are available for purchase at the “Friends of Ocean Crest Book Shop”. Parents are kindly advised to avail themselves the opportunity.

Other lessons ...


To heighten self-awareness and enhance self-esteem through acceptance.

Practical learning

To encourage the children to be responsible for their own actions.

Open school

To encourage every child to express their individuality appropriately.


To provide a wide range of Outdoor Education programmes.

Online resources

To under the digital world and see the many possibilities.

Plan and details

Understand the process of setting a task or goal and how to accomplish it.